Keep your clients forever!

We call your clients on their birthdays and sing a Happy Birthday song to them including their name and a personalized message from you.

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No contracts or cancellation fees.

Setup is simple and takes less than 10 minutes. If you don't get amazing results in the first 30-days, you just stop using it.

Your clients' smiles when they hear "happy birthday" is our guarantee.

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What is it?

The Happy Birthday Call is a completely automatic, yet highly personal, relationship building tool designed to elicit real, emotional responses from clients.

The Happy Birthday Call is not a marketing call! The message is sincere; it merely wishes them a happy birthday and ends the call. The client experience is far more profound than a birthday card could provide, which results in higher client retention and more word-of-mouth referrals.

The Happy Birthday Call has a proven tracker record. Since 2006 we've provided the Happy Birthday Call (as well as other relationship calls) to Professional Tax Preparers, Doctors, Insurance Agents, Investment Advisors and many more. We have made millions of birthday calls over the years with great success. We guarantee you will receive more positive response from this birthday call than cards have ever generated!


It creates good will in the client
  • Most people react very well to being sung to on their birthday. The client smiles, and that smile is connected to you.
Improved client retention as you build a relationship with your client
  • The client is more resistant to price concerns
  • Increases trust and loyalty due to relationship, not product offerings
  • Invigorates old client relationships
Word-of-mouth advertising
  • Many clients will tell their friends and family about the call, and how they feel about you
  • Others will call in to show appreciation, giving you opportunity to chat
  • Happy clients refer more often
You pay only for completed calls
  • Always on time
  • Costs less than traditional greeting cards
How do I get started?

You provide a list with your clients' first name (or preferred nickname), phone number, birth month and day. No other personal information about your client is needed.

Then you call into our voice server and record a personal message from you to your clients. We then create your account with a login and password, and can immediately start singing happy birthday to your clients.

How it works

When the call is made, your client sees "Happy Bday" on their Caller ID. We can determine whether a live person or an answering machine has picked up. If machine or voice mail, we wait for the tone before beginning, otherwise, the song commences immediately. You are only billed for completed calls.

The call consists of our happy birthday song, including the recipient's name. We have over 42,000 names recorded in song and are continuously adding more. Most clients are intrigued and wondering who is responsible for the call.

After the song, we play a personalized greeting:

Hi, this is your friends at XYZ Company. We just noticed it's your birthday and wanted to wish you the very best. Have a wonderful day and call us at 1-800-555-1212 if you need anything or just to let us know you received your happy birthday call. Happy Birthday!

The message makes no mention of goods and services. This is not, nor is it perceived as, a marketing call. It is strictly a relationship building call. The message played is our most successful script of many we have developed. An impressive 97.4% of calls completed are listened to in entirety.

You will have online access to your Happy Birthday account where you can add/remove birthdays, monitor billing and see to whom we were able to sing.