Keep your clients forever!

We call your clients on their birthday and sing a Happy Birthday Song to them, including their name and a personalized message from you.

Brand New!Click here to see our new Animated eBirthday Card. It’s Sure to put a smile on your Clients face!!

  Happy Birthday!

Makes your clients smile, and smiling clients remain clients! People love to get a call on their birthday, and it won't be long before a client call to thank you for the birthday call. Learn more...

  More Effective

Less time consuming and less costly than sending out birthday cards. Don't spend hours dealing with cards that will just be glanced at before being thrown away.

  You Don't Have to Sing

We take care of all of the singing for you. You may record a custom message to be played after the birthday song completes. This is a great place to thank your client for working with you.